Layne Norton on Mini-Cuts and Mini-Bulks

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As you’ve probably guessed, these are shorter-than-usual cuts and bulks, normally in the range of three to four weeks, and in this podcast, Layne and I talk about how well they work.

Are they worth the trouble or should you just stick to the traditional bodybuilding approach of “lean bulking” until you’re uncomfortably fat, cutting until you can see your abs again, and then repeating?

That’s the question we answer in today’s interview, where we share what we’ve learned from our experiences with our own physiques as well as the thousands of people that we’ve worked with over the years.

So, if you want to know the pros and cons of continuous versus intermittent lean bulking and cutting and what’s probably going to be best for you, keep listening.

8:25 – Is it better to do longer or shorter periods of bulking/cutting?

13:30 – Should women do mini-cuts?

18:00 – What are the benefits of implementing diet breaks while cutting?

24:10 – What’s the body’s evolutionary response to caloric restriction?

28:00 – Is exercise a good means for fat loss or not?

32:46 – Do you think eating nutritionally bankrupt food increases the desire for more food?

42:20 – Should someone follow the carnivore diet?

54:45 – Should someone cut or bulk if they’re brand new to weightlifting and at a high body fat percentage?

57:35 – Where can people find you and your work?

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