Layne Norton Reveals the Latest GAME-CHANGING Science for Health & Longevity | Mind Pump 2055

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00:00 Intro
02:12 If you do things the RIGHT way, you’ll have a longer-lasting business.
07:28 Change your hypothesis to fit the data.
13:31 Be excited about being wrong.
17:34 Why does the calories in vs. calories out debate keep raging?
37:21 PSA for coaches and trainers.
40:18 Has his position on artificial sweeteners changed at all?
54:48 The value of tracking.
59:49 The biggest impact on your health and longevity.
1:09:54 The alarming new messaging on health & fitness.
1:23:39 Putting limits on social media.
1:28:10 The controversy around erythritol.
1:35:07 Acute vs. Chronic.
1:38:08 Intermittent fasting and muscle loss.
1:47:54 The crux of the insulin theory of fat loss model.
2:01:10 His take on semaglutide hype.
2:06:42 How planning has killed more dreams than failure ever could.
2:12:19 True confidence is being able to wade into uncertainty.
2:15:36 Be ‘the’ example for your children.
2:19:57 You cannot do without doing.

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