Layne Norton & Simon Hill On Longevity, Exercise, Insulin & Gut Health #2 (part 2 of 2)

Today’s guests are Layne Norton and Simon Hill. Simon and Layne were on the show earlier this year and it has been one of the most popular episodes. So I thought I would get them back on to keep the discussion going. I will link our first episode in the notes below and I highly encourage y’all to give it a listen. Layne Norton (aka Biolayne) is an entrepreneur, physique coach, bodybuilder, and powerlifter. Alongside his success as a competitor, Layne has his Ph.D. in nutrition science and is one of the most respected voices in the health and nutrition space. Simon Hill is a nutritionist and physiotherapist with a bachelor’s degree in science and a master’s degree in nutrition science on a mission to help people make informed lifestyle choices. His podcast, The Proof with Simon Hill, extends beyond nutrition to other crucial lifestyle factors that impact our well-being.

As promised this is the second part of our most recent convo where we cover topics such as insulin, insulin resistance, exercise, longevity, and gut health and more!

What to Listen For:

00:00 Intro
00:58 Does INSULIN & really matter & what’s best way to combat insulin resistance?
16:59 Is it healthy for your blood sugar to spike? (or should it be flat)
25:43 Why exercise is so important for longevity
27:53 Science-based tips to live longer
33:22 Does walking help?
37:54 Biggest thing you can do to improve your bone mineral density (& why it’s so important)
44:59 Are there ways to improve your gut health & is gut health worth the “hype?”

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