LAYNE NORTON “Train Like There Is NO Limit” IJBB 248

Layne Norton on Failure vs RIR, Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding, Metabolic Adaptation, Sodium Loading, How to find GOOD Fitness info + Going on Joe Rogan | It’s Just Bodybuilding 248 w/Big Ron Partlow, Dusty Hanshaw & Scott McNally TIME STAMPS BELOW

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0:00 Teaser

30:00 Intro

2:00 Going on The Joe Rogan Experience

8:00 Huberman Podcast

11:30 How to find GOOD fitness information

20:00 Being ok with being wrong

28:50 Most Underrated Aspect of Training

32:30 RIR vs failure

41:30 value of going to failure

45:30 Powerlifting vs bodybuilding

48:00 It’s harder to grow in bodybuilding today

51:00 What was more rewarding, BB or PL?

54:45 Metabolic Damage / Adaptation

55:30 peaking with no water pills

58:15 Sodium adjustments on show day

59:20 anti aging

1:02:30 Gut Health

1:06:30 How to tell when someone is full of it

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