Low-Carb Diets May Increase Common Heart Rhythm Problems

Low-carb diets are very popular right now with many people cutting their intake of grains, starchy vegetables, sugar and fruits in an effort to drop pounds.

Now, a new study warns men and women who get a low portion of their daily calories from carbohydrates have an increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation or AFib, the most common heart rhythm disorder.

Researchers reviewed the medical records of nearly 14,000 people … None had AFib at the start.

The participants reported on their daily intake of 66 different food items in a questionnaire… and were then divided into 3 groups depending on their carbohydrate consumption — low, moderate or high.

Nearly 1,900 participants were diagnosed with AFib during an average 22 years of follow-up.

Those in the low carb group were significantly more likely to develop AFib than those in the moderate or high intake groups.

The lead author says one possible explanation may be that people eating low-carb tend to eat fewer vegetables, fruits and grains, which are foods known to reduce inflammation.

He says, ““Considering the potential influence on arrhythmia, our study suggests this popular weight control method should be recommended cautiously.”

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