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One of the key focuses of this week was really mastering hunger and fullness. It was a close friend’s birthday and part of the celebrations involved a 2 day trip to Anna Maria, Florida.
Something I’ve worked hard to improve over the years while healing my relationship with food and my body image, is to be more mindful and present when I take time off work and in the company of others. It’s always a challenge coming out of a contest prep to keep my sights on the bigger picture.
So me this means;
exercise is a secondary priority
not being hyper focused on food
enjoying a wider variety of foods
no tracking around company
relaxing, not working
Something else I share in todays update is with regard to IBS. I’ve spent YEARS, living with GI pain a d discomfort, and over 12 months, I have really committed to better managing my IBS. It was greatly impacting my quality of life, so I’ve started making omission of FODMAP a priority.
Macros are holding steady this week on @carbondietcoach at 2023 kcals – still very happy with that!
I’d like a little more flexibility based on the types of foods I’d like to eat a little more of, however I also can’t justify more activity and I’m very happy with everything else (energy is good, comfortable in my body etc)
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