Mythbusters #4 does cardio burn muscle? detox fads, counting calories and more

Train intelligently, not traditionally

You use science everywhere in your life, why not the gym?

By mechanics is the study of how forces affect living material and news flash everything you know about exercise is wrong!

It’s simple…

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Jerry Brainum was a competitive bodybuilder who trained alongside the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He started working out as young as 11 years old and has trained consistently for over 54 years. Anyone who has read fitness and bodybuilding magazines in the past 35 years will surely recognize him. Hes done more than (9500!)

He wrote and edited for various mainstream fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, and Ironman magazine.

His website where you can read all of the latest scientific data regarding everything from cardio, nutrition, exercise and supplementation excetera, all of his articles that have been written in a way that anyone with even a sixth grade reading level could comprehend easily is found at

Why the need for Applied Metabolics?

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