Ozempic’s Metabolic Impact: What You Need To Know | Dr. Tyna & Mindpump 2360

00:00 Intro
02:21 How she got into practice and how she got into the GLP-1 space.
10:41 Peptide vs a drug.
11:14 The dose matters.
15:36 The GLP-1 deficiency factors.
20:07 Running into the resistance wall.
22:11 The downstream effects of GLP-1s on our metabolism.
25:34 The musculoskeletal impacts of GLP-1s.
28:41 Breaking down the GLP-1 peptides.
32:06 The thickening.
34:46 A wonderful tool/opportunity for people to get their lives back.
37:44 Wiring the brain through the use of these neurogenerative peptides.
42:45 Who is the best candidate for this peptide?
45:00 Addressing the fears surrounding these GLP-1s.
56:50 Is supplementation more important when on GLP-1s?
58:00 Understanding the incentives of a compounding pharmacy.
1:02:41 Speculating on the smear campaign against GLP-1s.
1:08:51 Why we’re Pottenger’s cats.
1:11:23 Be an example to your children.
1:16:09 Addressing the autoimmune crisis.
1:18:53 The importance of educating yourself and being proactive as a patient.
1:20:36 Strength training is NON-NEGOTIABLE!
1:23:21 Lessons learned from her mentor.
1:26:30 One tool in the toolbox.
1:28:08 Her favorite peptides.
1:30:03 This is a slow and low process.
1:31:21 Why losing weight is the easier part. Maintaining it is hard.
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