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Chris Aceto joins Dave Palumbo for a special edition of GuruTalk, the show that brings together bodybuilding’s brightest minds to dig deep into the science of bodybuilding. Aceto, co-host on RXMuscle’s Heavy Muscle Radio and regular contributor to RXMuscle’s Iron Debate and contest coverage, talks about the behind the scenes aspects of prepping Shawn Rhoden to a monumental win at the 2018 Mr. Olympia competition. It’s GuruTalk, featuring RXMuscle’s Chris Aceto, on #chrisaceto #shawnrhoden ….  Read More


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Pro Wrestling. Stunts and Bodybuilding all work together WATCH THIS SUBSCRIBE code drasin12 original Gold’s gym t shirt signed… EGGWHITESINT.COM UP TO $20 OFF CODE RIC SUPPS ‘the movie director’s cut’ http:www.//… MR AMERICA HEART ON YOU TUBE

Heavy weights with Stefi Cohen

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I had the privilege of training with Dr Stefi Cohen. I had the chance to pick her brain for a bit and also lift some heavy weights. Get my books on how to lose fat: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns – Tweets by BioLayne

BioLayne Olympia Week Training Summary

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This week Paul and I attended the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas. We had to shuffle around our training a bit as we couldn’t train Friday or Saturday. That meant we had to squat/bench/deadlift two consecutive days… brutal. Messed up the audio at the end. Ugh. Sorry guys I edit these vids myself and suck at it. Don’t have any more time to try to fix it. My apologies.

Fermented oatmeal, better than overnight oats

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This is an oatmeal recipe I came up with after trying to find away to incorporate oatmeal into my diet and avoid Ochratoxin-A that is commonly found in oatmeal (link below). Its a super tasty and healthy way to get a good dose of fiber calcium antioxidants and probiotics into your diet. They stay good for at least 10 days and should have a fresh, delicious smell. If it smells off when you open it ….  Read More

BioLayne Video Log 36 – Dealing with Negativity

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In this video log I discuss how to deal with negativity & negative people when pursuing your goals. Admittedly, I’ve had my ups and downs with this and am still working on getting better at it. I share my experiences and advice for those who may not have as much experience with it.

Go to Work – The Anatomy of Success

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GO TO WORK The professional goes to work everyday. Doesn’t matter how they feel, doesn’t matter what’s wrong, doesn’t matter what negativity they encounter… they go to work. The BEST science based info – The BEST research breakdowns – Get my apparel – The BEST Supplements – Make America Science Again – Tweets by BioLayne

BioLayne First Facebook Live AMA

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Check out my first facebook live ask me anything (AMA) for all things training and nutrition. For coaching:

Asking The Right Questions

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Hey guys. So in todays video I go over what i come across a lot on my social media platforms. I get tons of questions from you all and I do my best to get to them, but sometimes i simply can’t. Not because i’m too busy (which i am) but because sometimes the question isn’t worth the time. Don’t know what i mean? watch the video. Get my books on how to lose fat: ….  Read More

Ask Dr. Testosterone Episode 13

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In this episode, Dr. George Touliatos answers viewer questions about preventing carpal tunnel syndrome while using HGH, methadone’s effect of HRT, properly dosing HCG, whether amino acids need to be taken separately for optimal absorption, and using resrevatrol for anti-aging. #DrTestosterone #HGH #HRT #HCG

Ariel Winter Twerk of the Day

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Ariel Winter Twerk of the Day I’m surprised we didn’t hear about the earthquake that happened when Ariel Winter did these two tweak sessions for her camera man. Shaking her ass and tearing down the building. I am so hungover and staring at Ariel Winter’s fat, now skinnier ass is both offe… Read More… Intermittent Fasting: Secret to Weight Loss or Dangerous Fad? I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about intermittent fasting, or “IFing”. It’s ….  Read More

How To Squat: Layne Norton’s Squat Tutorial

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Dr. Layne Norton has spent years refining his squat technique. Follow his coaching tips and cues, learn how to squat, and you someday could be the proud owner of monster legs! ► Ph3: Layne Norton’s Power Hypertrophy Program: ► Shop Bodybuilding Signature Supplements: ► All Access 7-Day Free Trial: ► Subscribe to the Channel: I used to be that guy with chicken legs. Why? Because I didn’t squat. I made up ….  Read More

THE REVERSE DIET DEBATE: Eric Helms + Menno Henselmans vs. Layne Norton + Peter Fitschen

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Debate Time Stamps: 1. Introductions 0:34 2. Eric Helms’ Opening Statement 5:40 3. Layne Norton’s Opening Statement 14:41 4. Menno Henselman’s Opening Statement 25:00 5. Peter Fitschen’s Opening Statement 37:03 6. Clarifying “maintenance calories” 42:49 7. How long to reverse diet? 45:02 8. How does reverse dieting work in the absence of changes in body composition? 50:24 9. “Adaptive metabolisms” discussion 51:58 10. What is a low-end settling point? 55:02 11. Ad libitum and intuitive ….  Read More

BioLayne Video Log 15 – Metabolic Damage v2.0 (Metabolic Capacity)

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April 26th 2013 BioLayne Video Log 15 — Metabolic Damage v2.0 (Metabolic Capacity) Posted In: Contest Prep Edit Post In this BioLayne Video Log I describe what drove me to do the first Metabolic Damage Video Log, what the response has been, and more information about to recover and improve metabolic capacity. Metabolic Damage (Original video): Referenced Scientific Work in this video: Metabolic Slowing with Massive Weight Loss despite Preservation of Fat-Free Mass Coaches ….  Read More

Live Carbon & PH3 Question and Answer Session Replay

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Answering some questions from followers regarding Carbon Supplements and my PH3 Trainer on Buy Carbon: PH3 Trainer: www.instagram/biolayne

Setting up Holly’s Reverse Diet (It’s about time!)

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Like many women, Holly has a long dieting history. While she’s been able to achieve a great physique, it has come at a cost. Most maintenance calorie formulas put Holly’s maintenance calories at over 1800 per day, however her true maintenance is between around 1500-1600 calories per day. She has finally made the commitment to work on optimizing her metabolic rate through reverse dieting so that she doesn’t have to live on low calories to ….  Read More

Are Rest Days Essential For Maximum Gains @hodgetwins

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Are Rest Days necessary for maximum muscle gains Watch Most Recent Video: Best Diets To Get Shredded @hodgetwins SUPPORT THE HODGETWINS BY SHOPPING AT: Hodgetwins INSTAGRAM Hodgetwins FACEBOOK Fan Page LINKS TO Hodgetwins Other Youtube Channels: Hodgetwins Main Fitness Channel Hodgetwins Current Events Channel Hodgetwins Relationship and Life Coaching Channel Hodgetwins Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Channel Hodgetwins Bio: Keith and Kevin Hodge the Hodgetwins are famously ….  Read More

Talking Keto Diets With Mark Bell

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Layne discusses the ketogenic diet, sugar, fasted cardio, and other fitness fads and myths with Mark Bell… Tweets by BioLayne

How One Man Went from Weighing 534 Lbs. to Being an Instagram Fitness Influencer

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How One Man Went from Weighing 534 Lbs. to Being an Instagram Fitness Influencer At his heaviest weight of 534 lbs., Dustin Hall couldn’t even bend down to tie his shoes or walk 100 feet without having to sit down, much less manage his day-to-day responsibilities as a full-time auto appraiser. “I had to work very hard to get my job done i… Read More… Adele is Less Fat of the Day We are so ….  Read More

Response to The Game Changers Debate: James Wilks vs Chris Kresser on the Joe Rogan Experience

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Below is the link to my article. Containing links to all the research. The Game Changers Debate: James Wilks vs. Chris Kresser on the Joe Rogan Experience (Updated) Get my books on how to lose fat: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns – Tweets by BioLayne

Biolayne Weekly Training Log 8/5/2018

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This was a taper week so I just worked up to a 405 single on deadlifts and then did some shovel deadlifts and bench press. Deadlifts are starting to feel better each week and I’m excited to get some real weight on the bar! Get my ebook on how to get SHREDDED: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: The BEST research breakdowns – Tweets by BioLayne

Mark Bell Talks About Carbohydrates

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➢SHOP NOW: FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: ➢ Facebook: ➢ Twitter: ➢ Snapchat: marksmellybell FOLLOW MBSlingshot, Power Magazine, and PowerCast ➢ Instagram: ➢ Instagram: ➢ Instagram: FOLLOW SuperTraining Gym & Athletes ➢ Instagram: ➢ Snapchat: supertraininggym Created and produced by HMYB Media.

Muscle-Science-man, Biolayne DEBUNKES the Game Changers , Dr Layne Norton response

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Dr. Layne Norton Get my ebook and increase your Vegan-health confidence * “Escape the Diet Matrix” My Patreon – Follow me on Twitter: “Vegan YouTube 3.0 – Join the future” Please share this video so it will reach the public. My Topics: I like to point out the high-fat fallacies, and show why carbohydrates are not unhealthy on their own. —- After 23 years vegan, I’ve discovered the simple truth about Health It’s ….  Read More

Bill Grant Legend Bodybuilder The Golden Era

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Bill Grant, legend Bodybuilder from the Golden Era was in from NY and I was able to get him for an interview on Bodybuilding and more..Fun guy and lots to talk about 12% OFF Old School Labs at with code DRASIN12 – The only supplements I trust and associate my name with. for more history and photos from the golden era


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NOTE: We had connection issues (sincere apologies). To compensate, we have included all the questions (and timestamps) below: 1. 4:16 – Dave if you wanted to put size back on, aside from food and supplements, which “a-bolix” would you use and at what dose? 2. 5:56 – Biggest mistake people make that hold them back from making progress year over year? 3. 6:56 – Tips to get rid of loose skin, user is 26 years, ….  Read More

Simon Cowell 'thinner than ever' after ditching red meat – but still likes a beer

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Simon Cowell ‘thinner than ever’ after ditching red meat – but still likes a beer Simon Cowell has revealed that his weightloss has not been down to a vegan diet but just the reduction of sugar and cutting out red meat Read More… Ariel Winter Ass in a Bikini of the Day Ariel Winter brought her ass out in a skimpy bikini, because all bikinis are skimpy, which is funny to someone like me who ….  Read More

Why I didn’t put Beta Alanine in Carbon Prep

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One of the most common questions I get regarding Carbon Prep is “why didn’t you include Beta-Alanine?” In this video I explain the decision to exclude Beta-Alanine from the formula.

BioLayne Arnold Classic Powerlifting Update

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I am beyond disappointed to announce that I am withdrawing from the Pro Arnold Classic Meet. This was something I had been looking forward to for months now, unfortunately a hip injury I suffered in January is going to keep me out. I tried to train though it, got physical therapy, consulted with numerous doctors, had a cortisone shot, did rehab, and had Xrays and MRI’s done (fortunately no structural damage) but it simply did ….  Read More

NHS slimming classes see 90,000 Britons lose average of five pounds

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NHS slimming classes see 90,000 Britons lose average of five pounds NHS slimming classes have seen almost 90,000 overweight Britons lose an average of almost five pounds each. Read More… Bodybuilder who forcefed himself reveals how his father’s stroke motivated him to lose almost 10st Brandon Pickup, 22, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, force-fed himself 10,000 calories a day and weighed 23st 7lbs. But after his father suffered a stroke, he ended up losing 10st and ….  Read More

Can Injuries Lead To Srength Gains

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