Food Order: The Key to Longevity? | Educational Video | Biolayne

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Study cited in video: Eating Vegetables before starch decreases blood glucose excursions by 39% over 180 minutes: Postmeal glucose was significantly lower in veggie first group at 60 minutes, but not 120 minutes post meal: Only measured to 180 minutes: Food order (veggie first) decreased post meal glucose excursions but did NOT make a difference in weight loss, fat loss, or fasting glucose: Low carb diets do not reduce markers ….  Read More

TAURINE Benefits & Side Effects | ANTI AGING 2020

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Taurine benefits the heart and boosts performance by helping the mitochondria, the cell powerhouses, work more efficiently with minimal side effects. At least that’s what the social media says, so what does the research actually show and can taurine help with anti aging? Here are the Taurine brands I would buy if I choose to supplement: Pure Encapsulations – NOW Supplements – Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the content and found ….  Read More

Liver King Vs Layne Norton, Who’s Got It Right??? MBPP EP. 744

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Today we’re having ourselves a discussion about Liver King’s appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast where he shared some interesting information that doesn’t fit the narrative of traditional nutrition. Our friend Layne Norton went pretty hard dismantling Liver King’s claims. These are our thoughts on what the two had to say. Join The Power Project Discord: Subscribe to the new Power Project Clips Channel: Special perks for our listeners below! ➢ Code POWERPROJECT to ….  Read More

Colostrum for Fat Loss: Boost Immunity & Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer

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Click Here to Subscribe: Get Antler Farms Grass-Fed Colostrum Here: Website: Colostrum for Fat Loss: Boost Immunity & Fix a Leaky Gut- Thomas DeLauer Every baby needs some colostrum… How about us adults too? Learn more at Colostrum is a milky fluid that is secreted from mammals the first few days following giving birth. It differs from milk in that the antibody levels are up to 100 times that of milk ….  Read More

Low Fat Making YOU Fat || The TRUTH!

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Dispelling myths that excess protein intake increases cancer risk | The Peter Attia Drive Podcast

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Layne Norton holds a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences and is a physique coach, natural bodybuilder, and previous guest on The Drive. Watch the full episode and view show notes here: Become a member to receive exclusive content: Sign up to receive Peter’s email newsletter: ——– About: The Peter Attia Drive is a weekly, ultra-deep-dive podcast focusing on maximizing health, longevity, critical thinking…and a few other things. With over 40 million episodes downloaded, ….  Read More


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There has been a continuous request on my channel for reviewing a heavily marketed bodybuilding product called Myodrol-HSP, manufactured by a company called Myogenetix. Acc. to the websites selling it , MYODROL-HSP is the world’s most powerful muscle builder. MYODROL-HSP is the most effective muscle hardening agent ever conceived which packs incredible strength, lean muscle and burns fat at the same time – All of these without side effects! Read the complete Blog here: ….  Read More

Biolane Stretch Mark Cream

0 commentsUncategorized Manfaat: – Membantu mencegah dan menyamarkan stretch marks yang disebabkan karena kehamilan – Mengandung argan oil yang kaya Omega 6, membantu menutrisi dan menguatkan elastisitas kulit – Mengandung Vitamin E sebagai anti oksidan dan mencegah kulit kering – Mengandung Hydra Bleine untuk melembabkan dan menutrisi kulit Petunjuk Penggunaan: – Oleskan krim 2-3 kali sehari pad awal masa kehamilan. Untuk efek maksimal, lanjutkan penggunaan krim hingga 3 bulan setelah melahirkan (jangan terkena puting, jika ….  Read More

Build Horseshoe Triceps || Best and Worst Exercises For Optimal Tricep Growth!

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Sugar Shortens Your Lifespan! Mark Hyman Returns!| What the Fitness | Biolayne

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Data | feelings: Acute changes in insulin do not predict long term insulin resistance or weight gain: Both low carb and low fat diets improve insulin sensitivity with weight loss: Increasing carbohydrates and reducing fat improved insulin sensitivity: Get my new nutrition coaching app, Carbon Diet Coach: My research based supplements: Get my books on how to lose fat: Take my online course “The Science of Nutrition”: ….  Read More

TURKESTERONE REVIEW | The Biggest Scam In The Fitness Industry?

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►RJF ANABOLIC COOKBOOK: ►MEAL PLANS & ONLINE COACHING: ►ANABARS & SUPPLEMENTS (Code RJF10 For Discount) ►YOUNG LA APPAREL (Code RJF For Discount) ►BUTCHERBOX (High Quality Meat Delivered To Your Door) ►MY KITCHEN ESSENTIALS ON AMAZON: Ninja Blender – Ninja Foodi – Air Fryer – Indoor Grill – Smoker – Food Storage Containers – Rice Cooker – Body Fat Analyzing Scale – Food ….  Read More

Fiber vs. Probiotics: Which One Is Better For Cancer? New Research | Educational Video | Biolayne

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Study Reviewed: Get my new nutrition coaching app, Carbon Diet Coach: My research based supplements: Get my books on how to lose fat: Take my online course “The Science of Nutrition”: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: Tweets by BioLayne

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (7 Great Sources…) – 2022

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids are important to good health and optimization. The Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio is also important to control inflammation and end-organ damage. You can optimize both of these things by eating the correct sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. There is some mis-information out there as to what provides usable Omega-3’s without giving too many Omega-6’s. This video will help clear up this confusion. You may be surprised at something I say in this video. Your ….  Read More

How to Change Your Body Weight Set Point

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In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “Can you actually reset your body’s set point? I used to be 310 lbs., I got down to 155 lbs., but could never stay there long. My body keeps rebounding and staying at 195 lbs. I have been lifting for 5 years and tracking macros to lose weight. I would like my body to sit at 145-160 lbs. How can I reset my set point?” ….  Read More

Yerba Mate, a natural fat burner?

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This video discusses the many attributes of Yerba Mata, a multi-functional herb. For detailed information about nutrition;exercise science;anti-aging research;ergogenic aids; hormonal therapy; supplement facts; effective fat-loss techniques; women’s health and fitness and much more, subscribe today to Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics,

Real Cause Of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) – Dr.Berg

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Talk to a Dr. Berg Keto Consultant today and get the help you need on your journey. Call 1-540-299-1556 with your questions about Keto, Intermittent Fasting or the use of Dr. Berg products. Consultants are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm EST. Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. USA Only. . . For more info on health-related topics, go here: Give Dr. Berg a Review: ….  Read More

Learning These Levers Can MAKE or BREAK Your Fast or Slow METABOLISM | Mind Pump 1823

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00:00 MAPS STRONG GIVEAWAY 02:12 Mind Pump Fit Tip: You can’t get the full picture of something when you just look at individual parts. 20:28 When your wife sleeps in the bathtub to avoid your snoring. 26:48 Mind Pump listeners come through! 29:42 Are you a trophy or a medal person? 35:28 You either win or you learn. 43:39 The ultimate prank?! 46:21 Weening off caffeine with an Organifi product stack. 48:42 The value and ….  Read More


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Checkout My Training App, New Workouts Daily: Workouts Film and Edit by @GrantRomer SUPPLEMENTS CODE CBUM BUM NFT COLLECTION Revive Health Supps Code CBUM: Shop Gymshark

The Liver King Debunked

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This TikTok star claims to eat 1 lb of raw liver per day, doesn’t believe in blood tests, sells supplements, and eats testicles. Let’s investigate him and the risks of liver consumption. Yellowstone Sign-up: – Links and Sources – Support Me Here: My Cookbook: – @micthevegan Vegan Bootcamp: TIY Tiny House Channel: My New Newsletter Sign-Up: GQ article: Meat Consumption Leveled Over Evolution Study: ….  Read More

Green Tea for Fat Loss: Health Benefits of EGCG- Thomas DeLauer

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Green Tea for Fat Loss: Health Benefits of EGCG- Thomas DeLauer: Use Your Tea Wisely!! I’ll show you how and WHY Green Tea does more than you think (and isn’t just for hippies). More at Tea consumption began in Japan and China thousands of years ago. The medicinal value of teas has been recognized in these cultures for centuries, and the benefits are beginning to be supported by science here in the Western culture. ….  Read More

Fried Food Is Worse Than Smoking: The Return of Dave Aspray | What the Fitness | Biolayne

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DATA | feelings: Smoking cigarettes increases risk of various cancers by 400-700%: Obesity increases risk of various cancers by: 50-100%: Fried food is NOT associated with cancer mortality and is associated with a ~10-15% increased risk of cardiovascular mortality: Ultra-processed food is not associated with CRP (inflammatory marker) when corrected for BMI: Western Diet (fried food included) associated with 15% increase in CRP when compared to healthy diet: Smoking ….  Read More

Top 4 Fat loss Training Tips For The Endomorph

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Top 4 Fat loss Training Tips For The Endomorph 1. Do exercises using your body weight 2. Do compound exercises 3. Combo training 4. Get moving! Want to learn more about the endomorph body type? For more info or to reach us: 📸 Instagram: 🌏 Website: 📧 Email Us: 📘 Facebook: 📘 Dimitri on Facebook 🏋🏻‍♂️Try our Boutique Fitness Studio for 15 Days?🏋🏻‍♂️ ✔️Learn more: 💪 LEARN MORE ABOUT ….  Read More

Special Guest Interview with Dr Shawn Baker, MD!

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Author of “The Carnivore Diet” Dr Baker is someone that most people in the Carnivore and Low Carb space know about, and is one of the main factors in popularizing this way of eating world-wide. Many people, including myself, were inspired by his Joe Rogan interview in circa 2017. I first met Dr Baker on his original podcast, Human Performance Outliers with Zach Bitter in 2018 where I tried to add my take on why ….  Read More

Straight Facts: The Reason Bodybuilders Lack Dietary Fiber… And Why That’s Dangerous

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READ full article: Jerry Brainum breaks down the straight facts about bodybuilding diets, dietary fiber, and the health consequences of missing this vital nutrient. It’s often said that bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not just a sport or a hobby. This is made abundantly clear when looking at the extreme detail that goes into a bodybuilding diet. Every single thing put into the body is monitored and adjusted for optimal results in building a perfect ….  Read More

Intermittent Fasting Does NOTHING?! | Educational Video | Biolayne

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Studies Mentioned: Get my new nutrition coaching app, Carbon Diet Coach: My research based supplements: Get my books on how to lose fat: Take my online course “The Science of Nutrition”: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: Tweets by BioLayne

High Blood pressure: Why we shouldnt worry about the number

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In this video, i try and explain why blood pressures are not as important as a persons general health status. I discuss how 2 people with the same blood pressure numbers can have completely different risks depending on their age and presence of comorbidities. I now have a new website and an instagram account YORKCARDIOLOGY

The fresh new Pounds Audience Personal Instruction Providing | WW United states

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The fresh new Pounds Audience Personal Instruction Providing | WW United states The fresh new Pounds Audience Personal Instruction Providing login seeking arrangement login | WW United state […] Read More… Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss Summer session is best for #weightloss if you want to reduce your fat then read the full blog and get the 10 best summer #foods for weight loss. Read More… Celebrities and politicians pay tribute to ‘Our voice ….  Read More

How To Become Insulin Sensitive – Reverse Insulin Resistance ft. Benjamin Bikman

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We learned all about insulin resistance with Benjamin Bikman, he’s now going to teach us how to reverse it and become insulin sensitive again. Don’t miss out on the full length episode here: Special perks for our listeners below! ➢Vertical Diet Meals: Use code POWERPROJECT for free shipping and two free meals + a Kooler Sport when you order 16 meals or more! ➢Vuori Performance Apparel: Visit to automatically save 20% off ….  Read More

The Basics of Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

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This video provides basic information about blood flow restriction training or BFR, also known as occlusion training. For more information about nutrition;exercise science;anti-aging research; effective fat loss techniques; ergogenic aids; supplement science; hormonal therapy; women’s health and fitness and much more, subscribe today to Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics,

Proper Bulking Cycle ft. Mike Israetel

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RP Strength’s Mike Israetel is a monster, so what better person to ask than him on how to bulk up and gain weight the proper way. If you like this info, please check out the full episode on all audio and video here: Grab the new Power Project “think LESS” shirt, supplies are limited: Think Less Tee Special perks for our listeners below! ➢Magic Spoon Cereal: to automatically save $5 off a variety ….  Read More

How To Build Big Arms (The SIMPLE Truth!)

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► THE BODY TRANSFORMATION BLUEPRINT Science-based muscle building and fat loss system: ► REALSCIENCE ATHLETICS No B.S, premium quality supplements you can trust: CONNECT WITH ME Blog: Instagram: Facebook: GET YOUR FREE CUSTOM MEAL PLAN TAKE MY ONLINE FITNESS QUIZ ——————————————————————————– Direct Arm Training Resources: 5 Tips For Proper Bicep Curl Form: Standing Single-Arm Cable Curl: Supinating Dumbbell Curls: Top Tricep Long Head Exercises: Top Tricep ….  Read More

Cutting weight without losing muscle mass: exercise & dietary protocols, fasting, and the literature

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This clip is from The Drive podcast 163 – Layne Norton, Ph.D.: Building muscle, losing fat, and the importance of resistance training. Originally released on May 24, 2021, you can watch the full interview here: ——– About: The Peter Attia Drive is a weekly, ultra-deep-dive podcast focusing on maximizing health, longevity, critical thinking…and a few other things. With over 30 million episodes downloaded, it features topics including fasting, ketosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, mental health, ….  Read More

PART 5: We’ve Hit The Danger Zone For Drugs In Bodybuilding | Convo With Gregg Valentino

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Gregg Valentino and Vlad Yudin debate whether or not there is a real issue with drug abuse in bodybuilding. A CONVERSATION WITH GREGG VALENTINO – is a six part sit down interview with Gregg Valentino – a former bodybuilder who is best known as the “man whose arms exploded.” Gregg is a man now known for his outspoken opinions and insane stories from his years in bodybuilding and drug dealing. Gregg discussed with director Vlad Yudin ….  Read More

Dr. Jason Fung’s Misleading Fat Loss Advice (RE: “Cutting Calories Vs. Fasting”)

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Take the physique quiz and build your best body ever: Premium Quality, Science-Based Supplements: (Save 15% with coupon code YOUTUBE15) Connect With Me: References: ——————————————————————————– “Intermittent Fasting vs Cutting Calories | Jason Fung” Today I’m responding to a video by Dr. Jason Fung (author of “The Obesity Code” and “The Cancer Code”) where he explains why “counting calories doesn’t work” and why the only way to lose weight and keep ….  Read More

Is Milk Good For You? One Quack’s Take. | What the Fitness | Biolayne

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Studies Mentioned: Milk consumption does not increase mortality rate: Get my new nutrition coaching app, Carbon Diet Coach: My research based supplements: Get my books on how to lose fat: Take my online course “The Science of Nutrition”: Get Custom Workouts by me for $12.99/month: Tweets by BioLayne

Melvin Anthony, Chris Cormier, McGough & Hansen, Arnold Retro Review | MD Global Muscle | S4 E12

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Guys, we got ‘Marvellous’ Melvin Anthony & Chris ‘The Real Deal’ Cormier on screen TOGETHER for the first time EVER! It’s just story after story, Chris & Melvin gave us nearly 90 minutes of absolute GOLD! Then we had part two of the Summer 2020 ‘unseen’ interview with bodybuilding historians John Hansen & dearly departed industry legend; Peter McGough talking about Arnold & Sergio, amongst other retro subjects that true muscle fans will simply love. ….  Read More

King Kamali’s Ultimate Bodybuilding Contest Prep Guide | King’s World

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In anticipation for the upcoming Arnold Classic, King Kamali details how to create the perfect contest prep. KING’S WORLD – is a digital series starring King Kamali providing the honest truth on all things bodybuilding. Combining King Kamali’s patented blunt opinions with some tried and true informative facts, King’s World aims to expand your mind outside of the usual “rules” behind bodybuilding. Honest opinions, valuable facts, bodybuilding tips and a whole new way to look ….  Read More

Straight Facts: What Determines How Much Fat You Burn During A Workout?

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BEST Fat Burner Supplements Of 2022: BEST Fat Burner & Muscle Builder Combo: READ full article here: Jerry Brainum breaks down optimizing fat oxidation during a workout in this week’s Straight Facts. Diet is the most important factor to losing weight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help improve your fat burning capabilities via workouts and aerobic exercise. Yes, exercising can help you add a bit more fat loss into your goals ….  Read More

Why Deadlift With Bands? (Variable Resistance Explained)

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Variable or accommodating resistance is the process of using bands to manipulate how load is placed on the body during a lift. Today’s collab is with @biolayne with graphics from @Muscle and Motion. Get my book on fixing injury here: Get my book ‘The Squat Bible’ here: Get my 13-Week Squat Program? Get olympic weightlifting programming (part 1): Get olympic weightlifting programming (part 2): ______________________ Show Sponsors – TYR: – Bandbell: ….  Read More

Evidence-based Nutrition Tips.

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This video discusses a number of evidence-based nutrition tips and dispels the misinformation that is widespread on the Internet. For further information about nutrition;exercise science;ergogenic aids; hormonal therapy; anti-aging research; effective fat loss techniques; supplement science, women’s health and fitness and much more, subscribe today to Jerry Brainum’s Applied Metabolics,

Self-Handle and practice: A look at the brand new Bi-Directional Relationship

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Self-Handle and practice: A look at the brand new Bi-Directional Relationship Self-Handle and practice: A look at the brand new Bi-Directional Relationship Correspondence: [*] Telecommunic […] Read More… 8 TikTok Coffee Hacks That Actually Work For coffee lovers, few things are more sacred than their daily (or thrice-daily) cup of joe. While most would never dream of changing their morning brew, if you’re kinda over your old standby, you might find a new fave among ….  Read More

Why I Prefer Soluble Fiber

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Try SEED’s Daily Synbiotic & get 15% off your first month – enter THOMAS15 at checkout: Please check out the new workout channel, Garage Built Life, here: This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free. Please Subscribe to my Email Newsletter Here: Follow More ….  Read More

Whey Protein: Isolate vs Concentrate

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In this video we briefly discuss the main differences between whey protein isolate and concentrate. We also address the question of which one is better! Instagram: Getting new gear? Use the links or code BASEMENT below if my videos have helped: Pioneer Belts/Wraps: REP Fitness: Titan Fitness: Bells of Steel/StrongArm: BearFoot Athletics: