Power Athlete Radio EP 412 // Boost Testosterone & Growth Hormone with PAMC Training

Here we are 50 years since the dawn of the “Nebraska Circuit”, “Husker Power Circuit”, or the OG, “Survivor Circuit” at Nebraska by Boyd Epley and nearly 25 years since Power Athlete Founder John Welbourn first experienced this style of training prepping for college football. Similar to advancements in great inventions like the automobile, flight, and the 80’s action film, this program has evolved to optimize human performance.

In this episode of PA Radio, The Crew breaks down the Power Athlete Metabolic Circuit, plus the history and benefits of this style of training. Our Field Strong program is beginning this cycle with slightly rearranged and movements added from Epley’s version to focus on the goal of the Field Strong program, enhance your athleticism. Listen in now and enjoy a 14 Day Risk Free Trial of the circuit linked in the blog here: https://powerathletehq.com/the-power-athlete-metabolic-circuit-50-years-in-the-making/


14 Day Risk Free Power Athlete Training Trial: https://powerathletehq.com/training/


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