Read Studies, Not Books | Layne Norton

In this episode, Nick sits down with Layne Norton and discusses all the nuances of modern-day health research. They dive into the distinction between bro-science versus hypothesis-centered research, how to approach reading a medical study instead of self-help books, and Layne shares a number of stories of his fitness journey throughout the years. They also cover their entrepreneurial experiences and love for body building.

Layne drops a ton of scientific knowledge so bring a pen and paper!

Layne Norton, Ph.D., is a scientist, pro natural bodybuilder, raw elite powerlifter, and physique coach, among other things. He received his BS in Biochemistry, and his PhD in Nutritional Sciences.

He is a current IPF and USAPL world and national record-holder in squat (668 lb. at 93 kg), and a USAPL national record-holder in deadlift (711 lb. at 93 kg).

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