Reg Park’s 5×5 Principle for Gaining Muscle | Jon Jon Park

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we have a special guest today who retells the story of one of the most prolific bodybuilders in history, Reg Park, through his own eyes. His son, Jon Jon Park followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an Olympic athlete and former Mr. South Africa.

Born in Leeds, England, Reg Park became Mr. Universe, and a well-known actor. Apart from his many bodybuilding titles and successful movies, he is best known for being the idol and inspiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reg Park influenced Schwarzenegger from everything including moving to America to his bodybuilding career, and to entering the world of movies.

In this week’s special episode, Jon Jon retells various stories of his father including:
• Meeting Joe Weider
• How Arnold emulated Reg Park throughout his career
• The Reg Park 5×5 program for muscle gains

So please enjoy this special episode of Reg Park through Jon Jon Park’s eyes.

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