Reverse Diet Challenge

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This program is 100% customized to your reverse dieting goals, all recommendations are tailored to your
metabolic needs.

There will be 2 Challenge durations
1. 3 months
2. 6 months
Both challenges will commence on Monday February 12th
The 3 month group will finish on Monday May 7th 2018
The 6 month group will finish on Monday July 30th 2018

You will be provided with your initial macronutrient targets to start your reverser diet, then each week
you would check in with Layne and I and provide us with your completed weekly report forms. WE will
review your report and adjust your macros if necessary for your elected reverse diet program.
At each weekly report you will also be required to submit your progress photo to help us make the best
decisions about your progress. Here you will be able to ask questions about your training and or
nutrition. We will provide you with short responses and feedback.
All documents will be sent to you upon sign up. These include a sign up and questionnaire form, how to
flexible diet and track macros and a FAQ document about how to ensure nutritional adequacy while
flexible dieting.

We will also provide you with recommendations about supplementation if we feel it is necessary to
achieve your specific goals.

The training included in this program is a weight and cardio guide only, they are not full working
programs due to the heavily reduced pricing.
NOTE*If this is something you would like, we do offer other coaching programs and packages which
include regularly updated training programs and meal plans, or we can prepare a once off tailored plan
for you. For customized workouts, you would be asked to provide us with a list of the equipment you
have access to at your gym, along with your current exercise program or schedule enabling us to assess
your current training volume, along with your exercise preferences and dislikes.

Throughout the Reverse Diet challenge, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group, where
you can chat with other members reverse dieting with you, ask us and others questions and attend our
monthly facebook lives where we will answer your individual questions. It is also another great
networking opportunity enabling you to connect with other likeminded people who are also taking the
leap of metabolic correction and transforming alongside you.
Due to the heavily reduced cost – unfortunately we may not be able to accommodate such specificity for
those with more complicated medical conditions or dietary requirements. If you think this might be you,
please indicate this on the sign up form.

Cost and Payment Methods
please email hb@biolayne for pricing !

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