S3: E2 – Mastering Your Potential for Longevity: Practical Implementation of Diet, Exercise, & Sleep

Jackie is nurse, mom of three, and certified nutrition, physique, and bodybuilding coach who has expanded my understanding of proper nutrition and how to create practical changes to your lifestyle to achieve your health goals permanently. She is a Women’s Health coach with Team Biolayne. Have a listen because creating a lifestyle that is healthy and joyful is hard! But remarkably easy to do when you schedule the time. Shifting mindset and priorities can make the seemingly impossible achievable.

Weight reduction significantly alleviates various symptoms associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), such as excessive daytime sleepiness. It also markedly improves irritability and other neuropsychiatric issues. This improvement extends to cardiovascular health, effectively lowering risks of high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes, thereby enhancing overall quality of life. In moderately obese patients, a 10-15% loss in weight can lead to a 50% reduction in OSA severity. Consequently, one of my sustained treatment strategies for addressing sleep apnea includes building muscle and losing fat.

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Jacqueline Llovet

On Instagram: @nutritionwithnursejackie

00:00 – Introduction and Guest Jacqueline Llovet, BSN, CNC
02:56 – The Truth About Dieting and Weight Loss
04:30 – Limitations of Body Mass Index (BMI)
06:45 – Measuring Body Fat Percentage
07:30 – Methods for Measuring Body Fat Percentage
10:49 – The Role of Waist-to-Hip Ratio in Health
12:28 – Health Biomarkers to Consider
16:38 – Importance of Protein in the Diet
20:25 – [Sponsor Break & AskTheSleepMD.com]
22:23 – The Importance of Fiber and Whole Foods
23:56 – Balancing Resistance Training and Cardiovascular Exercise
27:48 – The Phases of Fat Loss and Lifestyle Changes
30:35 – The Interconnection of Sleep, Diet, and Exercise
36:15 – Closing Thoughts
38:14 – Disclaimer


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I’m Dr. Alison Kole, a fellowship-trained and Board Certified Sleep Medicine specialist, as well as a chronic insomniac turned sleep biohacker. My mission is to empower you to naturally improve your sleep for a healthier life.

🎙️ Season 3 Focus:
Season 3 of “Sleep Is My Waking Passion” blends holistic sleep improvement strategies and medical insights with a focus on women’s health and self-care. We’ll emphasize the mind-body connection, exploring innovative and natural methods for better sleep without reliance on medication. The season promises diverse topics, from self-love to cutting-edge sleep medicine, aiming to empower listeners to tackle sleep challenges confidently.

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