Scientist reacts to Carnivore Doctor on Joe Rogan

Dr. Paul Saladino’s claims on the Joe Rogan podcast: are they evidence-based? Yet another Joe Rogan podcast touching on nutrition…

Most plants are inedible, most animals are edible. Health effects?
Plants make chemicals called phytoalexins meant to dissuade animals from eating. we’ve assumed plants are good for us… what if these plant chemicals are not good for us?

so plants make chemicals to defend themselves so maybe they’re unhealthy for us to eat. are phytoalexins harmful?

phytoalexins have potent medicinal activities such as anticancer and neuroprotective properties. ‘the effects of alexins on human health highlight why scientists have suggested ‘mining’ plants for these molecules’

I’m not saying we should eat plants to get alexins, but this does not argue against eating plants.

we have to eliminate all plants (alexins and lectins) and all animals (TMAO and heme iron)?

there are no nutrients in plants you cant get from animals. essential nutrients? thousands of nutrients exclusive to plants (phytonutrients).

epidemiology is misleading
our ancestors ate very different diets, Some ate a lot of animals, some ate a lot of plants

early humans ate grass seeds, Sorghum. Oats. nuts, fruits, seeds, vegetables, and other plants.

anecdotes are weak as an argument to eat vegan, keto or meat all day
Everything has saturated fat. The problem is too much of some types of saturated fat

consuming PUFA in place of saturated fat reduces CHD in RCTs
eating unsaturated fats, predominantly found in plants, instead of saturated fat
here’s another meta-analysis of RCTs. “lowering saturated fat and replacing with polyunsaturated vegetable oil reduced CVD by ≈30%”

“lowering saturated fat and replacing it with unsaturated fat, especially polyunsaturated fat, will lower the incidence of CVD”

“reductions in cardiovascular outcomes when saturated fat = less than 10% of calories”

“The USDA DGAs recommends limiting saturated fat to less than 10% of calories”. that leaves room for some saturated fat richer foods if you want

if your cholesterol is really good you don’t need to worry as much, if it’s high chances are you could tweak the saturated fat and see some improvement

our body produces cholesterol, we don’t need to eat it but eating some cholesterol isn’t necessarily a problem. randomized clinical trial lowered LDL-cholesterol in 4k people. cardiovascular risk was reduced by 34% randomized clinical trial lowered LDL-cholesterol in 20k people. Coronary death was cut by 18% and major coronary events by 27%. randomized clinical trial lowered LDL-cholesterol in 4k people. It cut major coronary events by 24% and strokes by 31%. randomized clinical trial lowered LDL-cholesterol in 6k people

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