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On Today’s Episode:

You probably think that lowering your body fat is the healthy thing to do, and assume that gaining or carrying more body fat is unhealthy. Most of us would think that’s common sense at this point, but what if that’s all wrong?

In this episode expect to walk away shocked and a little befuddled:
– Get into the science of body fat and all the benefits you get from having adequate fat
– The appearance of how much or how little fat someone has is misleading
– Stop complicating food and exercise, don’t overeat, eat diverse foods, and enjoy eating

Dr. William Li is a Harvard trained medical doctor, researcher and the NY Times bestselling author of the books, Eat to Beat Disease and Eat to Beat Your Diet. Dr. Li’s work with the Angiogenesis Foundation has led to 40 FDA approved therapeutics and devices for treating disease.

Mixed messages and dated information have become accepted truths baked into our habits and reasoning. William Li promotes the simplicity of food, health, and our ability to beat disease with lifestyle.

“Healthcare happens at home, not in the doctor’s office.” -Dr. William Li

Check out his book, Eat to Beat Your Diet:

“Being fat is a subjective statement, what I would actually say, […] is that body fat isn’t harmful in a normal level.”

“Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re tragically ill.”

“It’s not a slow metabolism that causes you to gain body fat and gain weight, it’s the other way around, extra body fat slows your metabolism.

“Having fat is good, having too much fat is bad.”

“Healthcare happens at home, not in the doctor’s office.”

“This is not a rich man’s folly to pursue that you can’t sustain, this is tapping back into our humanity.”

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