Skinny Fat: Is There Such A Thing and How To Fix It

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Skinny Fat is a term I hear quite often, especially from clients who come to me looking for help with the training and nutrition.
Often times what I come to realize is that these individuals are just either not training with enough intensity and progressively overloading in the gym, or they simply do not have enough experience and time under the iron yet to have built the necessary muscle it takes to develop a strong and powerful physique.
It takes time to transform your body and now a days everyone wants it overnight because they see people on YouTube or Instagram posting their progress pics and seeing all the great results. What these people watching this do not understand is that social media makes you see what it wants you to. Meaning these people posting these progress pics and transformations that seem to only take months are not in fact giving you the entire truth.
Being Skinny Fat is a label you are giving yourself and that is the wrong habit to get in to. It suggests you have crap genetics and can/will never build the physique you want. That is simply not true. It may not be that you have a lot of fat on your body it could simply just be you do not have enough muscle which is a completely different thing.
Start hitting the iron hard, be consistent with it, train smart, eat nutritious foods, and be PATIENT. As you build more muscle your metabolism will increase and your body will begin to change. But it does take time, effort, and a well thought out developed plan.

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