Straight Facts: Is The Future Of Mass Monster Bodybuilding Doomed?

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Jerry Brainum believes that the peak of bodybuilding has passed and been on a downslide ever since – breaks his evidence down in a latest video.

Modern bodybuilding has been under scrutiny in many ways for the past decade or so. First due to the distended stomachs and “unpleasant” look of bloated mass monster physiques. And now more recently due to the many tragic untimely deaths of relatively young bodybuilders. That’s why this week Jerry Brainum is going to look at the recent past to try and predict the future of bodybuilding – particularly Men’s Open. Is it doomed towards more of a health and popularity decline? Or will there be a shock to the system to change the trajectory of the sport? In our latest episode of Straight Facts, Jerry Brainum predicts the future of bodybuilding using today’s evidence.

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