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Today’s video is on an article written by Reg Park, where he shares his thoughts on the importance of developing a muscular waistline, for both bodybuilder and the average person that wants to be healthy and fit. Further, i share some of his quotes, which almost foretell the coming trend of the “BUBBLE GUT” trend seen in todays Modern Bodybuilding! Enjoy!! To purchase old school bodybuilding courses and books visit https://www.goldenerabookworm.com Please donate via PayPal ….  Read More

Should Bodybuilders Take Glutamine to Improve Muscle Growth? | Straight Facts

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The ultimate goal of a bodybuilder is to gain as much muscle as possible and then cut it down into a shredded and aesthetic physique. In the modern world, people try to find as many advantages as possible through science, supplements, and new training techniques. Glutamine is an amino acid that has been found through past studies to help improve muscle growth… but only in certain specific situations. Could a bodybuilder fall under those certain ….  Read More