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Another Morning in the Life of Ric Drasin #3 Training at the gym

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– Award-Winning OLD SCHOOL LABS Supplements: https://amzn.to/3cXSjUX Use code Drasin12 for 12% OFF. – Egg Whites Int: Up to 20$ off with code RIC https://eggwhitesint.com/ – SUPPS ‘The Movie Director’s cut’ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X8YVL8T/ – Yeah, I Work Out: https://www.yeahiworkout.com – http://www.ricdrasin.com – RIC’S CORNER AUDIO PODCAST NOW ON SPOTIFY, GOOGLE, ITUNES, IHEART RADIO & REVOLVER PODCAST Training at Golds Gym North Hollywood, Workout #3 more of a circuit wo. With Elia Lambros…Great gym old school style. ….  Read More

Bodybuilding Legends Podcast #220 – 1971 In Review, Part Two

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John Hansen and Jerry Brainum review the major Bodybuilding events from the year 1971 in this episode of the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast. In Part Two of their interview, John and Jerry talk about the major bodybuilding competitions from 1971. Included in their discussion is the 1971 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe won by 40 year old Bill Pearl in his last competition. Bill won this prestigious contest over Reg Park, Sergio Oliva and Frank Zane. John ….  Read More

The Bodybuilding Legends Show #23 – Roy Callender Interview

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John Hansen interviews Roy Callender for the Bodybuilding Legends Show. Roy talks about how he started bodybuilding in Barbados, competing in the NABBA Mr. Universe contest in the 1960’s, meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger and competing as a professional bodybuilder in the 1970’s and ’80’s.