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BUILD MORE MUSCLE w/ X-FACTOR: Arachidonic Acid Supplement Review

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Dave Palumbo reviews Molecular Nutrition’s Arachidonic Acid supplement, X FACTOR. Find out the science of how you can build muscle with this relatively unknown essentially fatty acid supplement. To purchase X-Factor at the most discounted rates available: http://www.davepalumbo.com/index.php?option=com_rokecwid&view=ecwid&Itemid=108#!/X-Factor-Arachidonic-Acid/p/101401657/category=5268120

Should Bodybuilders Take Arachidonic Acid Supplements For Increased Gains? | Straight Facts

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For most people, Arachidonic Acid is not necessary in your daily diet. Actually, it has some chance of further inflaming any sort of inflammable diseases you might already have. But there is some evidence to support that Arachidonic Acid supplements might actually help increase your gains. According to Jerry Brainum and a few studies that he has pulled up – this supplement can help kickstart muscle growth after a workout with very few health risks ….  Read More