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Jerry Brainum || On the Real Inventor of HIT: Arthur Jones, & Mike Mentzer, Nasser Elsonbaty, & More

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Jerry’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/albardo08 Timestamps by Jax: 0:00 Intro/ How Leo’s wife is doing 0:49 Why didn’t Jerry have kids? 1:58 Is it illogical to have children? 3:37 How many kids are too many? 5:58 Did Leo and his wife want kids more? 6:44 Couples divorcing after having kids? 7:23 Grandparents raising a kid 8:28 Applied metabolics 9:59 John Hanson 10:50 Who did Jerry learn the most about weightlifting from? 14:35 Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones ….  Read More