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Bodybuilding Legends Podcast #224 – 1991 In Review, Part One

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Jerry Brainum, former writer for Muscle & Fitness and IronMan Magazine, is the guest on this episode of the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast to review the year 1991 in Bodybuilding. For Part One of the interview, Jerry and host John Hansen talk about some of the big competitions from 1991 including the 1991 IronMan Pro Invitational, the 1991 Arnold Classic and the 1991 Night of the Champions. Jerry and John also discuss the recent passing of ….  Read More

Bodybuilding Legends Podcast #217 – Steve Brisbois, Part One

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1986 IFBB World Amateur Bodybuilding Champion Steve Brisbois is the guest on the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast to talk about his career. In Part One of his interview, Steve talks about how he started bodybuilding in Canada, winning the 1986 Canadian Championships overall title as a Lightweight, getting his pro card after winning the Bantamweight Class at the 1986 IFBB World Championships and competing as a pro bodybuilder in the Night of the Champions, the Mr. ….  Read More