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The Truth About Peak Week

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Peak week can be a very hard to dial in. A lot of people ask me for the secret formula. Well I’m going to tell you its not the simple. I wish I knew the formula because it wold make life so much easier. In this video I go over my thoughts on peak week and how it should be handled. Please ask me as many questions as you want and I will try to ….  Read More

QUADRO SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT! Muscle in the Morning (9/18/18)

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Your daily dose of news in the bodybuilding and fitness world! On Today’s Muscle in the Morning: Guy Cisternino Akim Williams Latorya Watts Justin Compton Kevin Jordan Host Dave Palumbo gives you the latest scoop on all the news and gossip from the fitness and bodybuilding world. Start your day right and wake up with Muscle in the Morning.


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It’s the year end Iron Debate, recapping a very eventful year in bodybuilding. Gregg Valentino, John Romano, and Chris Aceto join Dave Palumbo talk about the impact that social media “experts” have on today’s bodybuilding discussion, especially in light of well-documented recent confrontations between social media commentators with top bodybuilders and – more – established bodybuilding analysts. Plus, Dave reflects on the tragic losses – most notably Dallas McCarver, Rich Piana, and Shawn Perine – ….  Read More


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Kevin Levrone & Vince Taylor pair up for a LEGENDARY episode of Iron Debate! Watch the two bodybuilding titans discuss and debate the best training styles to build muscle! Known for having completely opposite training styles, the two 90’s-era stars talk about what worked for them and how it helped launch them both into bodybuilding superstardom. It’s Iron Debate, on RXMuscle.com. – Subscribe to the RXMuscle YouTube channel! Never miss an RX TV show, segment, ….  Read More

FAKHRI vs. PORTER! w/King Kamali : Iron Debate

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It’s Guru vs. Guru on Iron Debate! After a Facebook post (by Matt Porter) drew the ire of Fakhri Mubarak, the two engaged in launching salvos on their respective social media pages. Many felt that Porter’s post was directed directly at Mubarak, while others said that Mubarak shouldn’t complain as he’s posted similar statements (allegedly against Porter) in the past. While we’re at it, let’s talk prep coaches and what makes a Guru the right ….  Read More