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Hi savages! In todays video I am revisiting a topic from a previous video, which is METFORMIN! Why should it be utilised within your stack, and when should it be used? I get asked this question a lot so hopefully this video helps you and your clients understand the use case for this tool, particularly when taking steroids or PEDs. If you enjoy the video don’t forget to like it, it really helps the channel ….  Read More

I Am Not Taking Anabolic Steroids Anymore…

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Welcome back to the channel and thank you for your patience. Todays video I speak about what exactly is going on with my life right now and how I have been so absent from youtube, life in general. I am now in a position to talk about it and open up to you guys. I am not taking anabolic steroids anymore. Can we smash 1,500 likes on todays video? Follow me on Instagram; @georgeosborne12 Join ….  Read More

3 BEST Supplements to ADD MUSCLE MASS (Quick Results Guaranteed!)

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3 BEST Supplements to ADD MUSCLE MASS (Quick Results Guaranteed!) My top picks for the 3 MOST ESSENTIAL supplements you need to be taking (on top of your whole foods) to build muscle mass FAST! Simplify your supplement intake to just these 3 supplements that will improve workout performance and boost muscle repair. These 3 are the most bang for your buck so you can stop wasting money on supplements that you don’t really need ….  Read More