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😲 ఈ Body బిల్డర్ ని చూస్తే అందరూ వామ్మో అవ్వాల్సిందే..!!📌💥 #short #facts #viral #trending

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😲 ఈ Body బిల్డర్ ని చూస్తే అందరూ వామ్మో అవ్వాల్సిందే..!!📌💥 #short #facts #viral #trending #viral #ytshorts #vrfactstelugu #facts #viralvideo #short #shortvideo #bodyfacts #amazingfacts #trendingshorts #telugubadifacts #bodybuildingworkout #bodybuildingtips #bodybuldingsupplyments #bodybulderstatus #bodybuldingmotivation #bodybuldingismylife facts,interesting facts,amazing facts,random facts,new facts,facts in hindi,world facts,telugu facts,mind blowing facts,facts in tamil,enigmatic facts,amazing facts in hindi,intresting facts,most amazing facts,top enigmatic facts,science facts,unknown facts,facts in telugu,facts new video,fun facts,best facts,life facts,facts about phone,top 10 facts,funny facts,smart facts,facts hindi,tamil facts,health facts,safety facts,bodybuilding,straight facts,bodybuilding facts,amazing facts,jerry brainum ….  Read More

What Are The Downsides Of High Dosage GH? | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum

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Jerry Brainum is back with another in depth answer to a bodybuilding fan question. This week a bodybuilder asks, “What are the downsides to high dosage use of Growth Hormones for men over 40?” Steroids and growth hormones are an (almost) unavoidable element behind the bodybuilding industry. So it’s good to have real knowledge before jumping into some serious drugs. That’s why Jerry goes deep into the facts and realities behind using growth hormones at ….  Read More

How To Train For Massive Legs | Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum

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Getting Massive Legs can be one of the biggest challenges for a bodybuilder. That’s why Jerry Brainum is giving you the ultimate facts to blow up those gains. One of the biggest struggles both amateur and professional bodybuilders deal with is putting some hardcore mass onto their legs. Leg day is the bane of many bodybuilders’ existence… and chicken legs can often be the key factor that prevents a tried and true pro from grabbing ….  Read More