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How Freddy Ortiz Trained His Arms | Freddy Ortiz Tri-Sets for Arms | Bicep & Triceps Workout

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Freddy Ortiz stood 5 feet, 6 inches; weighed 185-195 pounds. He had 19.5 inch arms and one of the widest lat spread of his time. He was a Puerto Rican Powerhouse who was an I.F.B.B. Mr. America and Mr. Universe winner. In today’s episode; Freddy takes you through his Arm Blasting Routine that helped him build some of the best arms The Golden Era has ever seen. His routine of employing “Tri-Sets” for his biceps ….  Read More

Freddy Ortiz, Harold Poole and Lou Ferrigno. The East Coast Bodybuilding Scene with Jerry Brainum!

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In this third video interview with Jerry Brainum, Jerry details his introduction to bodybuilding in the East Coast Bodybuilding scene, with stories of Freddy Ortiz, Harold Poole, Lou Ferrigno and training with Bruno Sammartino! Enjoy! Watch Supps The Movie: https://www.amazon.com/SUPPS-Movie-Alex-Ardenti/dp/B08DKZFW6C/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=3N9NMHVSA3K2B&keywords=supps+the+movie&qid=1643383775&sprefix=supps%2Caps%2C687&sr=8-4 Subscribe to www.appliedmetabolics.com Online coaching now available at www.goldenerabookworm.com Purchase your NSP Nutrition supplements at: https://bit.ly/3Asmak4 and use GEB20 for 20% off Join Vince’s Gym: https://61ff89x9vvyp0sae4frp-ovke2.hop.clickbank.net/ Train with Vince Gironda: https://www.vincegironda.com and use GEB20 for ….  Read More