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Hi savages! In todays video I am revisiting a topic from a previous video, which is METFORMIN! Why should it be utilised within your stack, and when should it be used? I get asked this question a lot so hopefully this video helps you and your clients understand the use case for this tool, particularly when taking steroids or PEDs. If you enjoy the video don’t forget to like it, it really helps the channel ….  Read More

Is insulin a Pro Bodybuilders Secret to Muscle Mass? Chris “Psycho” Lewis’ thoughts

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In this video Chris “Psycho” Lewis the trainer of 2018 Mr Olympia Shawn Rhoden delves into whether insulin should be used in bodybuilding & if insulin is really the secret that helps Pro Bodybuilders develop Muscle Mass. We also discuss the use of insulin for carbing up, it’s use of insulin in a pre-contest diet, fast vs slow acting insulin + is insulin what is ruining today’s pro bodybuilders? Let me know your thoughts on ….  Read More

Dr. Testosterone: How Insulin Causes Bubble Guts In Bodybuilding

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READ full article here: https://generationiron.com/dr-testosterone-insulin-bubble-guts/ Dr. Testosterone details the science behind why insulin causes distended stomaches – also known as bubble guts. For the past decade or so, there has been a strong criticism against many pro bodybuilders for the appearance of their stomaches. Specifically, there seems to be an increase in distended stomaches, often called bubble guts, on the pro stage. These bubble guts go against the aesthetic and conditioning required of a successful ….  Read More