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Ecdysterone Vs Turkesterone – What To ACTUALLY Expect

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Jerry Brainum on Mark Zuckerberg, the Sultan of Brunei, Jeff Bezos, and the First Guru Dan Duchaine

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In this clip from next Tuesday’s podcast, legendary bodybuilding writer Jerry Brainum discusses tycoons and gurus with me, including Mark Zuckerberg, the Sultan of Brunei, Jeff Bezos, and Dan Duchaine. FOR GENETIC ANALYSIS & COACHING: Website β–Ά https://www.leoandlongevity.com TO FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram β–Ά https://www.instagram.com/leoandlongevity Twitter β–Ά https://www.twitter.com/leoandlongevity

Addressing the HMB Study | Dr. Jacob Wilson

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Recently, I sat down to speak about a study of mine that is always discussed. The HMB Study. In this video, I touch on several topics including the HMB study and how I and several other scientists found the same results. If you want to watch the full video which includes Dr. Ryan Lowery’s take on Ketogenic studies and Ketogenic dieting you can do so at the link below. β€£ https://youtu.be/1rXZTGJS2QU β€£ Be a part ….  Read More