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Kali Muscle | DON’T Take Protein Powder to Build Muscle | “That’s FAKE.”

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On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we sit down with a prolific bodybuilder, actor, and Internet star. Whether it’s building his body or building a business, Kali Muscle is known for outworking everyone. Turning his life around after a prison sentence, he kicked his PT career off at 24 Hour Fitness before succeeding as a larger-than-life YouTube star. With his success in bodybuilding, having over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube ….  Read More

Dolph Lundgren & The DANGERS of Human Growth HORMONE | Documentary

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The 80’s action star who starred as Ivan Drago in Rocky Dolph Lundgren has had 8 year long secret battle with Cancer which he has only revealed until now. In this documentary he talks about his Steroid use in the 90’s with Graham Bensinger which he thinks may of been a cause which led up to this disease. I now investigate to see if there is a link between HGH and Cancer and give you ….  Read More

Doug Brignole, on the affects of SYNTHOL photos not for the squimish

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Doug and Ric discuss the hype on Synthol and it’s affects on the body short term and long term. Too many are using it and trying to pass it off as muscle gains. We really know it’s not and what’s the answer. Watch this. Some disgusting photos so beware…please add me on twitter @ricdrasin for up to the minute news on training.