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Stop CARB CRAVINGS!!! (Powerful Hacks for Right Now)

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Carb Cravings came ruin your diet. Here are some powerful tricks and hacks that have worked for me to Stop Carb Cravings. Many times, in the moment, a carb craving can seem irresistible, but you can fight it with these tips. If you are currently eating the standard diet, it might seem impossible to stop the endless cycle of eating carbs, then being tired, then eating more carbs. Transitioning to a proper human diet of ….  Read More

Visceral Fat | What Is It & How to Get Rid of It

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Visceral fat is what most of us think of as belly fat. It is the term used to describe the fat that builds up within the abdomen. Visceral fat cannot be pinched, but it does expand your waistline, crowd your internal organs, and actively contribute to disease. In this video, I’ll explain why this type of fat is harmful and how you can get rid of it. Get started with Dr. Becky for free: Learn ….  Read More