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How I gained 15 lbs in 5 WEEKS [Gain Muscle on KETO]

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Follow me on Instagram – http://instagram.com/kingketo In this video, Big Brandon King Keto “Hiit Workout GOD” Carter talks you through how he gained 15lbs of muscle while bulking on a ketogenic, fat-fueled, low carb, Atkins style diet comprised mainly of high-fat foods like bacon, eggs, mayonnaise, butter, and steak. He talks about how he used diet, training, sleep, and supplements to make this incredible transformation in a short time (quick) / Only 5 WEEKS!

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Explained

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🍽 THE ULTIMATE ANABOLIC COOKBOOK 2.0: https://bit.ly/3blDCgI 🏋️ HARDER THAN LAST TIME! TRAINING BOOK: https://bit.ly/34ZNQ2O 🏆👕 COACHING, CONSULTS, MERCH & EVERYTHING!!!: https://bit.ly/3k4bUpJ 🤳 INSTAGRAM ‣ http://instagram.com/gregdoucetteifbbpro #GregDoucette #Supplements #Anavar

3 BEST Supplements to ADD MUSCLE MASS (Quick Results Guaranteed!)

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3 BEST Supplements to ADD MUSCLE MASS (Quick Results Guaranteed!) My top picks for the 3 MOST ESSENTIAL supplements you need to be taking (on top of your whole foods) to build muscle mass FAST! Simplify your supplement intake to just these 3 supplements that will improve workout performance and boost muscle repair. These 3 are the most bang for your buck so you can stop wasting money on supplements that you don’t really need ….  Read More