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High Intensity Training (HIT) vs. High Volume: Which One Builds the MOST Muscle?

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High Intensity Training (HIT) vs. High Volume: Which One Builds the MOST Muscle? In bodybuilding the biggest question is “How to build muscle” A bodybuilder goes through a total body transformation through his/her weight training & fitness routine. Your personal trainer Mr America John Heart gives fitness motivation through his workout advice. John discusses Naturals vs. Those who use steroids and how their exercise routine must be adjusted accordingly. If the wrong routine is chosen, ….  Read More

The New Standard at 80 yrs Old!

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The New Standard at 80 yrs Old! John Heart’s downloads “Mr America’s Shape-Up Series” & “Physique 101” right here: https://www.MrAmericaHeart.com/shop The standards of those bodybuilders who continue to train hard, smart, and remain injury-free have changed! No longer is there the expectation that once a man is over 40 or over 50 his physique and drive to train hard deteriorates. That belief system went out the window in recent years as we witness those setting ….  Read More

How to Dominate Your New Year’s Fitness Goals | Celebrity Trainer, Steve Jordan

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On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest today suffered from a traumatic brain injury in his early life which catapulted him into finding his passion in holistic health and fitness. At the start of Steve Jordan’s career, he became a personal trainer at the White House under the Clinton administration. After his time at the White House, he became a celebrity trainer who helped coach and transform some of the ….  Read More

What is the NEXT BIG Fitness Trend for Ultra Beginners? | Ebenezer Samuel | Men’s Health

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On this episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, we visited the headquarters of Men’s Health and had the opportunity to interview Ebenezer Samuel. He has over a decade of training experience which allowed him to work alongside prominent NFL athletes, and leading track athletes across the nation. During that time frame, he was also a sports and tech columnist for the New York Daily News where he wrote various articles about the NFL. Today, ….  Read More

Avoid These 10 Exercises! (The WORST Ones of All Time!)

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Avoid These 10 Exercises! (The WORST Ones of All Time!) Mr America Heart https://www.mramericaheart.com How Leg Raises Can Cause Low Back Pain! The Smith Machine is Garbage! 3 Shoulder Killers! (Avoid these at All Cost!) In muscle building routines there are still dangerous exercises being performed. Mr America & Natural Mr Universe John Heart gives the 10 worst bodybuilding exercises anyone can use in this video. Even the biggest bodybuilder using these exercises over time ….  Read More