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Bodybuilding Legends Podcast #241 – 5th Anniversary Show, Part One

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The Bodybuilding Legends Podcast celebrates its 5th Anniversary on this special episode. In Part One of the 5th Anniversary special, host John Hansen shares some of his favorite episodes since the podcast first began on July 5th, 2017. Included in this episode are interviews with Chris Dickerson, Boyer Coe, Peter McGough and Wayne Gallasch, Berry DeMey, Jerry Brainum and Phil Williams as well as some classic stories about Sergio Oliva, Rock Stonewall and Tim Belknap. ….  Read More

Melvin Anthony, Chris Cormier, McGough & Hansen, Arnold Retro Review | MD Global Muscle | S4 E12

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Guys, we got ‘Marvellous’ Melvin Anthony & Chris ‘The Real Deal’ Cormier on screen TOGETHER for the first time EVER! It’s just story after story, Chris & Melvin gave us nearly 90 minutes of absolute GOLD! Then we had part two of the Summer 2020 ‘unseen’ interview with bodybuilding historians John Hansen & dearly departed industry legend; Peter McGough talking about Arnold & Sergio, amongst other retro subjects that true muscle fans will simply love. ….  Read More