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Victor Martinez Warns Bodybuilders About Not Cycling Steroids: “Nobody Stops These Days”

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Presented by RedCon1. Perform at your highest state – DRINK REDCON1 ENERGY: https://redcon1.com/products/high-per… Victor Martinez thinks too many new era bodybuilders are not cycling steroids – discusses the importance and process of steroid cycling. For those who want to compete professionally in bodybuilding, there is a strong possibility PEDs will become a part of their life. It’s an open secret that most pro bodybuilders use steroids. While the healthiest and most legal option is to ….  Read More

I Am Not Taking Anabolic Steroids Anymore…

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Welcome back to the channel and thank you for your patience. Todays video I speak about what exactly is going on with my life right now and how I have been so absent from youtube, life in general. I am now in a position to talk about it and open up to you guys. I am not taking anabolic steroids anymore. Can we smash 1,500 likes on todays video? Follow me on Instagram; @georgeosborne12 Join ….  Read More

My Secret Last Name, Mike Mentzer’s Steroid Advice To Andrew Huberman & Unique Research

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The Reason Vitamin K Is Important For Bodybuilders | Straight Facts

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When people start talking about vitamins it can be a real bore. There’s nothing inherently exciting about the vitamins you are supposed to take – yet they are important in very subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways. Case in point: vitamin K. At first glance vitamin K doesn’t have anything to do with bodybuilding specifically. It’s used to help clot blood. But there are many forms of vitamin K. Specifically, vitamin K2 can have ….  Read More