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How To Maintain Muscle Mass Post Steroid Cycle

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Losing your results sucks. So many people after they come off cycle end up looking like they never worked out a day in their life, Especially have never done a steroid cycle. In this video, I give you three tips to maintain as much muscle as possible from your last steroid cycle. Everything from diet and supplementation to how you should be training. I hope this helps. Interact with me 👇 â–¶INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/themarkplum… â–¶EMAIL ….  Read More

What Happens To Your Body When You Use Steroids

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When steroids enter the body, they travel to various organs and muscles, steroids influence individual cells, causing them to produce proteins, these proteins are problematic. The liver, for example, can develop tumors and cancer. Steroid users may also develop peliosis hepatis, a rare condition in which blood-filled cysts appear on the liver. Tumors and cysts can both rupture and cause internal bleeding. Steroids are also bad for your heart, overuse can result in heart attack ….  Read More