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Brainum Tank Terminal IT Solutions

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Brainum helps Tank Terminals achieve operational and commercial advantage through fully integrated IT solutions built on deep business understanding of the sector. We are proud of our successful implementations at customers in Europe and the Middle East. We are ready to further expand through partnerships in Asia and North and South America. Contact us at www.brainum.com

The virus killer we need – from Nitric Oxide: SaNOtize

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OurCrowd CEO, Jon Medved, talks about the importance of washing hands and social distancing in the fight to prevent infection. One of our portfolio companies SaNOtize led by Dr. Gilly Regev and Dr. Chris Miller, is working on a virus killer to keep medial professionals safe throughout the day. With the use of Nitric Oxide, they created a three pronged set of products including a mouthwash for the morning, nasal spray during the day and ….  Read More