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The History of America & Steroids

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Tito Ortiz Clashes With Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Pro Vegan Statements

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Tito Ortiz fully disagrees with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endorsement of being a vegan athlete. Last year a documentary called The Game Changers was released. The film’s mission statement was to open the audience’s eyes to the dangers of eating meat. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in the film and was heavily featured in the movie’s marketing. He claimed that he now endorses the vegan diet – and urges any athletes, including bodybuilders, to stop eating meat. But can ….  Read More

How Oral Steroid Turinabol Works And Why Jon Jones May Have Used It | Straight Facts

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Jon Jones has once again tested positive for a UFC illegal drug. And while Jon Jones still denies it despite two separate tests proving him guilty – it looks pretty obvious that this will remain another blotch on the mega fighter’s career. But exactly what is turinabol and why would Jon Jones risk his career by taking it before his big fight? Jerry Brainum breaks down the facts behind this oral steroid, what it does, ….  Read More