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Victor Martinez Warns Bodybuilders About Not Cycling Steroids: “Nobody Stops These Days”

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Presented by RedCon1. Perform at your highest state – DRINK REDCON1 ENERGY: https://redcon1.com/products/high-per… Victor Martinez thinks too many new era bodybuilders are not cycling steroids – discusses the importance and process of steroid cycling. For those who want to compete professionally in bodybuilding, there is a strong possibility PEDs will become a part of their life. It’s an open secret that most pro bodybuilders use steroids. While the healthiest and most legal option is to ….  Read More

Kai (2022) Kai Greene

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Kai (2022) Kai Greene Kai Greene is one of the biggest modern day legends in bodybuilding both on and off the stage. He’s an athlete, an artist, an actor, and an entrepreneur. But his journey to greatness first started in childhood – when he chose bodybuilding as a form of survival. Growing up in Brooklyn without parents and later locked up in a juvenile correctional facility, bodybuilding became Kai’s source of hope that eventually took ….  Read More