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The Dark Side of This Particular Anabolic Steroid: A Hard Truth | Jerry Brainum

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Fitness Consultant Jerry Brainum shares invaluable information related to a specific anabolic steroid, based on recent studies. #shorts #steroids #wellbeing #health Jerry Brainum has been the science editor of Muscle and Fitness magazine, an editor-at-large for Flex magazine, and a regular contributor to Ironman magazine for 28 years. He has been a nutrition consultant for numerous elite, world-class athletes such as Floyd Mayweather Jr, Oscar de La Hoya, and Vassiliy Jirov. DISCLAIMER: This channel is ….  Read More

The Misunderstanding of Recovery in Relation to Growing Muscle | Oliver Patrick

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Our guest to the podcast today is Oliver Patrick, a Physiologist and leading expert in lifestyle management. He speaks widely on the application of wellbeing strategies and consults to businesses and individuals around the world. Oliver was Head of Physiology at Nuffield Hospitals where he led the largest team of applied physiologists, wellbeing advisors and nutritionists in the UK. In 2009, he co-founded Viavi on London’s Harley St, to deliver the world’s most advanced health ….  Read More