Testing Layne Norton’s Flexible Diet (IIFYM)

Layne Norton recently appeared on the Joe Rogan experience to discuss the benefits of a flexible diet, also known as if it fits your macros. Layne argued that calories, not carbs or fat, are the most important thing when it comes to fat loss. The advantage of a Keto Diet, Vegan Diet, Carnivore Diet, or any other diet is simply that it allows people to naturally restrict their caloric intake. With a flexible diet, Layne allows his students and followers to eat whatever they want as long as they hit their protein and calorie requirements. This means that anything from pizza, to ice cream, to chips, to pop tarts are all on the menu.

I am testing this flexible diet for myself. I recently finished three weeks of a ketogenic diet and discovered that I lost 2 pounds while eating 3800 calories and 250 grams of protein per day. I want to know if I can get these same benefits while eating whatever I like to hit these same targets.

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