Testosterone with hCG – Does it Work?

Does hCG with Testosterone improve the effects of TRT? In this video I take a look at this question from 4 perspectives: preventing testicular atrophy, maintaining fertility, sexual effects, and general wellbeing. I also cover the side effects. Overall there is very little long-term data on continuous hCG use along with TRT, but there is some data and some anecdotal evidence. It’s certainly something to consider with your doctor before starting TRT, but so are the side effects as well as the difficulties involved with maintaining this regimen. hCG can be hard to get, expensive, and after it is reconstituted requires refrigeration. This video should help you decide whether it could make sense for you.

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00:00 – Intro
01:33 – Standard hCG doses and timing, it may work
02:50 – American Urologic Assoc. on hCG for fertility
03:23 – Dr. Lipshultz’s data &hCG fertility protocol
04:17 – Adding Clomid & my regimen for fertility
05:13 – No long-term data, most of my T+hCG patients have zero sperm count
06:01 – Problems with hCG+TRT protocol
06:42 – What I tell patients, hCG supply issues
08:24 – Downregulation in the testes from hCG?
– Penis sensitivity changes, libido, sex, semen volume
– Why do men report this? Cognitive effects
– Downregulation, estrogen, shots, cold storage, & more
16:22 – Wrap-up: if you’re starting TRT, talk to your doc about hCG, but continuous use may not be right

Stay Strong and Healthy,
Dr. O


As the Anabolic Doc, since 2003, I’ve provided men who are using or have used anabolic steroids a confidential, ethical and professional medical venue to discuss their use. I do NOT in any way support the use of any performance enhancing drugs – PEDs, anabolic steroid or other medicine for muscle building or body transformation. The “off-label” use of PEDs, as such agents is considered illicit and may lead to adverse health outcomes. Please consult an expert health professional regarding any medical agent and do NOT use any medicine without the explicit advice and supervision of an appropriate medical expert.

This video is for education and information only. This is not medical advice. Only take medications as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take illegal substances. Taking steroids can lead to serious health consequences.

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