The #1 Key to Aging Gracefully: Build QUALITY Muscle & Transform Your Life | Dr. Gabrielle Lyon 2187

00:00 Intro
01:32 We are not overfat but under-muscled.
04:26 What makes muscle so protective as an organ?
07:24 Why are doctors so slow to change their paradigm of thinking around building muscle?
11:22 How insulin resistance affects the body.
17:08 The disconnect with measuring strength vs. muscle mass.
22:22 If you want to have a healthy brain, MOVE!
27:03 How do we move the needle to get people to lift weights?
38:08 The effect muscle has on hormones.
45:58 Why are nutrition conversations steeped in politics?
1:05:20 How does building muscle help with organ health?
1:08:54 Why we must stop talking about protein as a generic term.
1:14:11 Creatine is an anti-aging/longevity supplement.
1:17:47 Having concerns over the anti-animal narrative.
1:21:47 The myths surrounding kids and exercise/tech.
1:25:46 How dietary cholesterol can positively affect muscle strength.
1:27:12 Feeling the responsibility to help people and change lives.
1:31:00 How actions will ALWAYS trump words.
1:33:33 Making the case for the benefits of strength training.
1:39:00 You move your body; you move your mind.
1:39:46 A PSA for EVERY trainer out there.
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