The Anabolic Doc Answers: Are There Comparable Safe Alternatives To Steroids?

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Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, breaks down safer alternatives to steroids.

Dr. Thomas O’Connor, also known as the Anabolic Doc, has dedicated his entire life to helping those affected by long term anabolic use. As a former strength athlete himself, he sympathizes with the plight of an athlete who has used steroids or other PEDs to become the best… and start seeing negative side affects down the road. But is it possible to a safer, healthier substance, and get the same results as steroids? In our latest GI Exclusive, the Anabolic Doc explains which substances are comparable to steroids but also safer.

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*DISCLAIMER: Generation Iron does not recommend or condone the use of steroids or other PEDs. The views and opinions expressed in this video are not that of Generation Iron.

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