The Longevity Expert: “The Link Between Milk & Cancer & Ozempic Can Really Mess You Up!”

Dr Mark Hyman is a practicing family doctor, the founder and director of The UltraWellness Center, as well as the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is a fifteen-time New York Times best-selling author, as well as the host of the health podcast, ’The Doctor’s Farmacy’.

00:00 Intro
02:06 What Is Your Mission 03:08 What’s Functional Medicine?
06:29 I Couldn’t Function Properly, My Health Deteriorated Massively.
13:06 The Food System Is Damaging Our Health.
16:22 The Primitive Instinct That Make You Eat Junk Food.
18:24 How to Stay Healthy in Today’s Unhealthy World.
24:21 Is Milk Good for Us?
27:54 Are There Health Benefits to It?
29:49 Ozmepic Drugs, Are They Good?
39:28 Fruit
40:53 When Should We Eat?
42:45 Evolutionary Story Behind Fasting.
44:36 Restricting Your Calories vs Fasting.
47:57 What Are Blue Zones, and the Importance of Studying Them?
49:06 Starvation Is Good for Us.
53:18 Loneliness Is Killing People.
56:15 We Need Systemic Solutions for Our Health Problems.
59:23 How to Add 7 Years to Your Lifespan.
01:00:57 Retiring Is Detrimental to Our Health.
01:02:49 The Role of Trauma in Our Longevity.
01:05:22 The Power of Psychedelics.
01:10:22 Healing Journey to Overcome Trauma.
01:17:00 How to Lower Our Biological Age.
01:17:31 Artificial Sugars.
01:22:53 What Is Exposome?
01:24:28 How Is Trauma Passed Down Generations?
01:27:46 The Biggest Discovery About Longevity & Health.
01:32:16 How to Have Access to What Happens in Our Body.
01:34:17 The Last Guest Question.

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This episode of The Diary Of A CEO was filmed at Gold Tree Studios, located in the heart of the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California

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