The Reason Vitamin K Is Important For Bodybuilders | Straight Facts

When people start talking about vitamins it can be a real bore. There’s nothing inherently exciting about the vitamins you are supposed to take – yet they are important in very subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways. Case in point: vitamin K. At first glance vitamin K doesn’t have anything to do with bodybuilding specifically. It’s used to help clot blood. But there are many forms of vitamin K. Specifically, vitamin K2 can have a great impact on bodybuilders who use steroids periodically throughout their training. It all has to do with calcium deposits going to places in your body that you don’t want. But let’s have Jerry Brainum explain it in detail so you can know exactly why you should make sure to get the right amount of Vitamin K2 while you are on your steroid cycle. Check out the episode of Straight Facts above.

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