The Return To Shred – Week 2 Update

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I’m already down over 3 lbs in the first week of my Shred with Layne and feeling great and have definitely lost some significant body fat compared to the start. This week I will start my training program that is specifically tailored for this challenge and is available on my website.

Shred with Layne has begun! Now for the next 8 weeks you can join my 8 week shred challenge for less than $23 per month. Just use Carbon Diet Coach for your nutrition. Carbon utilizes a custom algorithm designed by myself, Holly, and Keith Kraker which will formulate a custom nutrition plan based on your goals and individual metabolism. Then you simply check in with the coach every week, log your daily weight, and log your food in the app and the coach does the rest. It will adjust your nutrition in order to optimize your response.

The Biolayne Workout Builder will have all the training programs I am using for this 8 week shred. Not only does the workout builder offer science based programming, it also allows you to motify your exercise selection based on your own individual preferences and availability. We even have home programs available for those of you who are stuck at home.

I will also be doing live workouts in the Carbon Diet Coach facebook group so you can join in with me during training sessions and I might even bring you live on camera!

Let me know what questions you guys have in the comments

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