The TRUTH About Collagen Protein & Its Unexpected Benefits | Mind Pump 2081

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00:00 Mind Pump Fit Tip: STOP listening to the whey protein peddlers! Collagen protein is ACTUALLY pretty good for you.
11:26 Nobody sits in the daytime!
15:30 All that’s interesting featuring Andre the Giant.
23:03 Adam and Sal’s experience so far with the Oura Ring.
27:49 Coaching with NutriSense is a game changer!
32:10 Speculating Sports Illustrated target market.
35:24 When do little kids feel most loved?
37:15 The power and pull of games and screen time.
42:38 Everett’s first big role.
45:23 MAPS Anabolic Advanced success story.
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48:29 Another case against artificial sweeteners.
50:27 Shout out to Amala Ekpunobi.

51:54 #Listener Live question #1 – What can I do for the next 2 months to preserve the muscle mass I have, not lose any more weight, and continue to develop my rear delts?
1:04:56 #Listener Live question #2 – How do you measure getting stronger outside of just lifting heavier?
1:13:35 #Listener Live question #3 – What level of program would be the best for me 6 months post-partum?
1:28:14 #Listener Live question #4 – What should I be doing for warmups, cool downs, etc.?

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