The ULTIMATE Nutrition, Diet And Fitness DEEP DIVE | Layne Norton X Rich Roll Podcast

Rich sits down with renowned nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Layne Norton to talk about how social media influencers distort the science of nutrition and fitness, and how to discern fact from fiction. To read more about Layne and peruse the full show notes, go here👉🏾
✌🏼🌱 – Rich

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:28 Busting Diet Myths – Seed Oils
00:06:33 Mechanisms and Outcomes of Seed Oils
00:11:14 Conspiracy Theories and Food Industry Influence
00:12:34 Influence and Misleading Arguments
00:13:24 Cruciferous Vegetable Intake and Thyroid
00:15:07 Plant Toxins and Lectins
00:15:59 Elimination Diet and Gut Sensitivities
00:20:40 Next Myth – LDL Cholesterol Doesn’t Matter
00:21:45 Elevated LDL and Mendelian Randomization Studies
00:22:54 Lifetime Exposure Risk and Low Carb Diets
00:24:09 LDL and Heart Disease Risk
00:25:30 Metabolic Health and LDL Levels
00:26:00 Unique Subtype of High LDL
00:27:07 Weight Loss, LDL, and Metabolic Health
00:32:14 Sponsor Break
00:34:48 Carnivores and Fiber
00:44:46 Next Myth – Eating Fat to Burn Fat
00:51:10 Burning Fat vs. Losing Fat
00:52:35 Energy Balance and Body Fat
00:55:51 Short Term Responses vs. Long Term Outcomes
00:57:34 Protein and Amino Acids
01:06:07 Protein from Whole Foods vs Supplementing Amino Acid
01:09:17 Leucine and Muscle Building
01:13:05 Sponsor Break
01:15:34 Advice for Plant-Based People
01:19:30 Christopher Gardner’s Twin Study
01:23:05 Impact of Dietary Choices on Health Outcomes
01:28:45 Consistency and Sustainability in Dietary Choices
01:30:52 Layne’s Approach to Information Dissemination
01:35:22 Tribalism in Nutrition and Fitness
01:37:35 Anecdotal Experiences and Humility in Nutrition Science
01:41:09 Red Flags in Nutrition Advice
01:43:26 Psychology and Responsibility in Weight Loss
01:48:08 Empathy and Accountability in Coaching
01:52:23 Complexity of Human Nature and Psychology in Making Positive Changes
01:52:56 Personal Relationships and Shame Spiral
01:54:24 Food as a Coping Mechanism
01:55:17 Understanding Food Habits and Psychological Barriers
01:56:20 Challenges of Moderating Food and Mindset Matters
01:58:10 Defining Processed Foods and Mindset in Dietary Choices
02:01:17 The Binary Nature of Dietary Choices
02:02:17 Mindset and Flexibility in Food Choices
02:04:32 The Disinhibition Reflex and Flexible Mindset
02:05:33 Behavioral Habits, Mindset, and Decision Making
02:08:08 Layne’s Thoughts on Making Lasting Behavioral Change
02:11:38 Simplifying Weight Loss and Caloric Intake
02:13:29 Calories, Energy Expenditure, and Estimation
02:15:35 Personal Responsibility in Caloric Intake
02:16:29 Hormonal Dysregulation and BMR
02:17:10 Obese Resistant and Appetite Regulation
02:18:09 Spontaneous Movement and Energy Expenditure
02:19:59 Exercise and Appetite Regulation
02:23:39 Societal Changes and Appetite Dysregulation
02:29:28 Science Communication and Trust
02:32:33 Admitting Bias and Trustworthiness
02:34:25 Understanding Risk and Credentials
02:36:46 Nobel Prize Syndrome and Cognitive Dissonance
02:38:03 Galaxy Brain
02:38:44 Authority and Bias
02:39:54 Healthy Eating Patterns
02:42:18 Funding Sources and Integrity
02:44:57 Real Experts and Communication
02:53:35 Debunking and Self-Policing
02:57:06 Responsibility of Platforms
03:00:48 Forming a New Identity and Lifestyle Changes
03:07:00 Analysis Paralysis
03:08:28 Courage to Take the Step
03:11:21 Learning from Setbacks
03:14:04 Disconnecting Feelings from Action
03:16:03 The Power of Why
03:17:02 Mood Follows Action
03:20:40 Building Momentum
03:22:36 Credits

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